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Mite Major  players listed below (tryout # and Initials) are invited to the Mite Major Call Back session on Monday, March 21, 2022 6:00PM at Cleveland Circle.



When a player is invited back for the third and final tryout the player must bring a Program Deposit check (dated March 21, 2022) in the amount of $500.00. If and when player is offered a position on the MITE MAJOR team the check will be deposited whether or not player accepts the position on the team. Checks will be mailed back to any player not offered a position on a team.


G10        BP

G11        BH

G12        BF

G13        AO

G14        AL

G15        DA

G2          OD

G3          MT

G4          JP

G6          BF

G6          NZ

G7          XR

G8          SR

R7          CG

S11         SG

S12         CF

S13         NR

S14         ER

S16         LZ

S17         EC

S18         BR

S19         MM

S20         BC

S21         MF

S22         BC

S23         WD

S24         NS

S25         VP

BL28      MB