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The following Mite Major & Mite Minor candidates players are invited to the Call Back session on Monday, March 11, 6:00PM at Cleveland Circle.


GR-14    WM

GR-15    JG


W-1       JB

W-2       ES

W-3       TP

W-4       JVD

W-5       EF

W-6       NG

W-7       CO

W-8       EL

W-9       NM

W-10     TM

W-11     CK

W-12     TL


BL-29     LB

BL-28     DM

BL-27     RM

BL-26     DN

BL-25     MT

BL-24     JC

BL-23     BL

BL-22     KR

BL-21     CC

BL-20     DK

BL-19     JR

BL-18     KL