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All Squirt Minor 2012, players listed below (tryout # and initials) are invited to the Call Back Saturday 3/27, 12:45PM at Cleveland Circle.



When a player is invited back for the third and final tryout the player must bring a Program Deposit check (dated March 27, 2021) in the amount of $500.00. If and when player is offered a position on the SQUIRT MINOR team the check will be deposited whether or not player accepts the position on the team. Checks will be mailed back to any player not offered a position on a team.


G24  DD

G26  SM


B15  BL

B19  WC

B30  JB

B32  MS

B33  JP

B34  DK

B35  CM

B36  TD

B38  KE

B39  LN


W22  NB

W23  NB

W24  LM

W25  JR

W26  RR

W27  RM

W28  DN

W29  SS

W30  NM

W40  MT