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All Peewee Major players listed (tryout # and initials) below are invited to the Call Back Monday March 21, 2022 at  8:00PM at Cleveland Circle.



When a player is invited back for the third and final tryout the player must bring a Program Deposit check (dated March 21, 2022) in the amount of $500.00. If and when player is offered a position on the SQUIRT MAJOR team the check will be deposited whether or not player accepts the position on the team. Checks will be mailed back to any player not offered a position on a team.


R17        James

R4          JB

R5          CM


G1          ER

G19        WR

G20        DM

G32        BB

G34        AL

G35        BO

G40        KB

G42        AK

G44        JG

G45        DR

G46        MB

S2           PF

S30         CM

S31         AY

S34         WH

S36         TS

S39         GM

S40         MP

S41         KO

S42         LC

S43         TB

S44         RM