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Quebec video links. Will be adding stories shortly. Anything you want to add send along via feedback tab.

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Peewee Song

Rogers Hometown Hockey takes a look at the history of Quebec’s pee wee tournament- sportsnet.ca hockey

The history of Quebec’s pee-wee hockey tournament 


Quebec City may not have a NHL team but they do have the Quebec Peewee hockey Tournament - Sport.ca hockey

Hockey Unlimited Quebec Peewee Tournament 


Welcome - International Peewee Quebec Tournament - Youtube

Welcome To The International Peewee Quebec Tournament


Trip down memory lane - 2011 Peewee Major Team - A video by Patrick Moton - youtube

Bruins Quebec 2011


Trip of a lifetime  - 2017 Peewee Major Team - Bernières International PeeWee Tournament - youtube

Tournoi International PeeWee de Bernières / Bernières International PeeWee Tournament