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The Roxbury Latin School –  Athletic Facility Guidelines



·         Access to the IAF will be through the gate on Centre Street (across from 2135 Centre Street, if using a GPS device).


·         For Gym or Indoor Athletic Facility use, players and equipment may be dropped-off at the circle at the West Lobby entrance of the IAF. Cars shall not park or idle in the drop-off circle. Vehicles should proceed up the hill towards campus for parking in the Centre St. Lot or Schoolhouse Field Lot. These are the lots adjacent to the Chauncey Field (baseball/soccer) and Schoolhouse Field (football/lacrosse/soccer)


·         Drug, alcohol and tobacco use is strictly forbidden on School property.


·         For Gym Use, please enter through the IAF and proceed through to the far end of the rink level. At the end of the hallway, go up the small set of stairs on the left and the Gym is on the right.  Please do not proceed through the wooden doors of the gym unless there is an emergency.


·         Access to the ice/turf is from the player’s bench closest to the West Lobby.


·         Public restrooms are located on the rink/turf level at the east end of the building (the side opposite the scoreboard).


·         We ask that participants, family members and spectators remain on the rink/turf level of the IAF at all times; that they do not go upstairs; and that they do not try to access parts of the facility beyond the red and white “Caution-Do Not Enter” barriers, or other “restricted area” signs.


·         Participants and other guests may not engage in any type of play or practice outside of the ice rink/turf area


·         Any issue with the facility (spills, defective plumbing, broken glass etc.) should be reported to Roxbury Latin staff immediately.  Staff will be present for all indoor facility use, and contact info will be provided for outdoor facility use if staff is not directly present.


·         We ask that all participants depart the facility within 10 minutes of the end of the last scheduled activity.


·         The IAF doors will automatically lock 15 minutes after the end of the last scheduled event. All participants are asked to leave the facility at that time.


·         Roxbury Latin is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.